Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree!

As mentioned in the previous post, Jake and I have never had a Christmas Tree in our soon-to-be 4 years of marriage. I was determined to have one this year, but my highly active and extremely curious toddler has changed my mind. So, I had to go with Plan B. I have been meaning to decorate our maple tree in our front yard for a few years now. I have had the snowflakes and icicles for awhile. Not to mention, this tree is completely out of Kaitlyn's reach while she is within the walls of our home, but she can see it clearly from her bedroom window.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yea for Christmas!

This morning was the annual Relief Society Christmas Party. It was a really good time to chat and catch up with the Sisters while making crafts and wrapping gifts. Not to mention, stuffing ourselves full of delicious soups and creme puffs. (I think I ate most of the creme puffs. I couldn't help eating a couple every time I walked past them! They were just sitting there staring me down!) If you weren't there, you totally missed out.

After the R.S. festivities, I went to K-Mart for their last day of "Coupon Doubling." I spent a ridiculous amount of time there trying to figure out what the actual price of items were due to the complete lack of organization at the Tallahassee K-Mart; which is why I never go there unless I know it's worth the hassle of sorting through the chaos. Anyway, this will be the 4th year that Jacob and I have been married and still no Christmas tree. I'm totally disappointed, but I went ahead and splurged on a few boxes of Christmas lights, because we have never had those either. They had a particular line that was 50% off this week.

When I got home, I grabbed Kaitlyn and went to our local Publix. Santa was there in all his fuzzy, red glory. Katie was not too impressed. No matter how many employees were coaxing her to go to him, she just stared at him with indifference. One lady, pictured below, even showed her what to do.

After we grabbed a couple of necessities, we went back home and I strung up the lights. Besides almost being scared to death by the ugliest, largest and most lethal looking of unknown insects I have ever seen, I think it turned out alright. Here is the finished product.

I wish we had more, but this will have to do for now. Tomorrow I'm going to string some snowflakes and icicles out in the maple tree in our front yard. Yesterday, Katie and I hung up our stockings, put out her advent calendar, the snowmen salt and pepper shakers, our nativity from Grand Cayman and that was it. We have a shockingly low amount of Christmas decorations.

Well, I hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. The Christmas season is such a beautiful time of year. It's a little easier to keep your thoughts and actions on the right paths. I love it!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Lost Footage

My Mom and sisters found this lost footage of my dad, brothers and Jake at last year's Christmas-get-together. Enjoy!