Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Yay! Halloween! I love Halloween. Jacob calls it the Devil's Holiday.
This year Kaitlyn wanted to be Lilo and she wanted Zac to be Stitch. Well, Kaitlyn was Lilo, sans the hair (she refused to wear the wig even though she had worn it previously). Zac was not Stitch. He was Captain Adorable! (He had a onesie that said so, all I had to do was make the cape.)

Here they are at Grammie's door! Zac's first "Trick or Treat" moment.

Then we went to Chic-Fil-A for dinner, and to church for Trunk-or-Treat.
Nana was there and helped take Katie around to the games.

Grammie followed Zac around the Cake Walk. He loved walking on the square mats and kept going around-and-around in the circle. He even won a cookie!

This was my favorite costume of the night! Way awesome.... and a little scary for church, but what are ya gonna do? Cool, huh? He's carrying his own head!

My Marshmallow Man

Zac had his first Marshmallow pop. Mmmmmm. This boy loves to eat. It is his first priority.

He has a major sweet tooth and follows anyone around the kitchen grunting. He is a bottomless pit. We've tossed around calling him, "Groceries" because he can pack 'em away!

Hillsborough County Fair

I have lived in Hillsborough County for 21 of my 27 years and I never knew there was Hillsborough County Fair. Who knew? Apparently everyone else.

Once we found out, and we learned that Monday night free for kids and the rides were a fraction of what they normally charge, we made a point to go!

Kaitlyn loved driving!

But her favorite ride by far, was one where she went round-and-round in a worm, while a bird chased them.

I love her expression below!

Zac was happy to be held and watch his big Sissy. Look at those chipmunk teeth! They got there first taste of Elephant Ear that night. Mmmmmmmm.

King of the Mountain!

Zachary's favorite perch is up on the top of his sister's bed! He climbs up and down her bed, over and over again, squealing with delight when he reaches the top corner of her bed.

Here he is blowing raspberries to express his elation in dominating the mountain.


This past year, our family had Lowry Park Zoo Passes. In September, they swap memberships with the Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. We loved exploring both! Here are some pics of our experience at MOSI:

We learned about hurricanes and tornados. They have simulators of these natural disasters and cut-outs of the different types of people who help out during these disasters. One of which is a firefighter.

Katie also got to play a weather girl at the Bay News 9 Action Center.

Zac was strolled around most of the day. He is such a cutie and a completely happy baby when we're on-the-go! But he loves him some buttons! He wanted that camera.

Kaitlyn's favorite place was "Kids-In-Charge". They can run all over the place, exploring and learning. . . and making an unholy mess! Here, she and I built a pyramid.

It was a fun way to exhaust the kids before heading back for nap time! My favorite time of the day.

In Case You Didn't Know...

Jake is our Ward Troop's Scout Master. It is a life long dream of his to spend many hours each month corralling, encouraging, and camping with adolescent boys. Haha! Just kidding! But he puts on a smile and gives it his all anyway!

Truthfully, he does give it all he's got and has great aspirations for Troop 267. Below is a picture of their second Court of Honor. Almost all of the Scouts reached 1st Class this summer, which was a Troop goal. This weekend he will be camping out in the freezing cold with them. I shudder to think of it.


This image can still illicit a frustrated growl from Jake. He had just given Katie a bath, (I was out playing Bunco) and he was talking on the phone. When he got off the phone, this is what he found...

Needless to say, it took a couple days for Kaitlyn's leg to return to its natural color.

Best Friends

This is from August, but it is still adorable! Katie and Zac like to do whatever the other is doing. They are great play buddies and keep each other busy! This scene was too cute and just had to be photographically documented!