Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This past year, our family had Lowry Park Zoo Passes. In September, they swap memberships with the Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry. We loved exploring both! Here are some pics of our experience at MOSI:

We learned about hurricanes and tornados. They have simulators of these natural disasters and cut-outs of the different types of people who help out during these disasters. One of which is a firefighter.

Katie also got to play a weather girl at the Bay News 9 Action Center.

Zac was strolled around most of the day. He is such a cutie and a completely happy baby when we're on-the-go! But he loves him some buttons! He wanted that camera.

Kaitlyn's favorite place was "Kids-In-Charge". They can run all over the place, exploring and learning. . . and making an unholy mess! Here, she and I built a pyramid.

It was a fun way to exhaust the kids before heading back for nap time! My favorite time of the day.

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