Thursday, February 26, 2009

THE Strawberry Festival

For those of your who are unaware, Plant City, FL (Jake's hometown) annually holds THE Florida Strawberry Festival. I grew up 10 miles west of Plant City and was surprised while watching the Food Network one day to learn that the Strawberry Festival is one of the biggest food festivals in the Nation! Obviously, I've been taking it for granted.

Besides all of the delicious foods (strawberry shortcake, strawberry shakes, chocolate covered strawberries, Philly cheese steaks, corn dogs, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, popcorn, cotton candy, french fries, etc.) they have constant entertainment all day and night with mostly Country Artists and Bands, some of them are big names. LeAnne Rhimes, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson and Alabama have all played at the festival in previous years. Taylor Swift is playing there this year.

They have all sorts of contests each year, from a Strawberry Festival beauty pageant to 4H contests, Float Contests, Clogging Contests and an Art Show.

Strawberries are a big part of our cuisine this time of year. Especially since Jake and I grew up around strawberry fields and have picked some for ourselves. There is nothing like a Plant City Strawberry. California has nothin' on Plant City.

So, this year, was Kaitlyn's first year at the Strawberry Festival!
I have to say, she seemed to really enjoy herself.

Above is pictured my new love, Fiske Fries. At first, I thought, "$7 for a bucket of fries?! Are they nuts?!" No, they're geniuses. BEST FRENCH FRIES EVER!

Kaitlyn gettin' some of Grammie's Kettle Korn.

Cowboy hat anyone?

Kaitlyn loves animals, especially animals that make noises! She got to see chickens, bunnies, hogs and cows! Fun, fun, fun!

Anyone feelin' lucky and want to take a chance riding the bucking bronco?

We were there within the first hour that the festival had officially started. That's why the midway was a little empty.

If you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it! Just go there and eat your way around the festival!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"M" is for Munchie Mouth.

All Kaitlyn did was eat for the 20 days we were down in Tampa. She developed a very bad habit of always needing some kind of snack if she was inside the house. Here are a couple pics of the Messy Munching Monster!

That girl loves her mashed potatoes! I think she had 8 heaping spoofuls!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yea for Surprises!

Katie and I had been missing Jake. He was still up studying in Tally and Katie and I were down with the grandparents chillin'. But he surprised us by driving down a few days early and just walking in my parent's back door! Yea for us!

We went and spent a little time at the park together before Jake had to go peel off and do more studying at his parent's house.

We were so excited to see him! Best surprise ever!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trip to Tennessee

Kaitlyn and I traveled down to Tampa to give Jake some breathing room to study for the Bar Exam with no distractions. A couple of days after we traveled down, my family took us up to Tennessee for a short vacation in Gatlinburg, TN.

Shocking as it may be, Katie was an excellent car traveler for the 12 hours we spent in the car the first day! She had her puppies to keep her company.

We stayed over in Cherokee, NC and went tubing in Maggie Valley the next morning.

My Mom was the last to admit she was done tubing for the day.

We also upheld our family tradition of making pizzas on Valentine's Day.
We're big on traditions in the Riebow Fam. Not to mention, we just love pizza.

We also spent the afternoon the next day walking around Gatlinburg. We made our annual visit to the Smokey Mountain Candy Store to buy taffy and watch it being made. We love that. I love the Donut Friar. They had the most delicious coconut doughnut that I totally find myself craving from time to time. We also made a trip Mr. Tablecloth to drool at the Vera Bradley bags. Ellen was the only one to walk away with a new purse.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Baking Lesson

Kaitlyn has become extremely interested in cooking! She helped me make sugar cookies the other day. Below, she is eating her very own cookie that she pounded out and helped bake.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drooly McDroolerson

No, that is not a weird dye job on that shirt. It's not a spill.
It's all of the drool that my 19 month old has leaked all over herself! Will the drooling ever end?!

Dancin' in Mama's Shoes

This morning, while I was out and about, Jacob captured this extremely cute moment that I hate I missed. Thank Heaven for recording devices.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Walls and Furniture Will Never Be Safe Again!

Well, it's happened.
I've always known this day would come....
Kaitlyn has realized that crayons not only work in her coloring books, but on the refrigerator too!
She was quite proud of herself.