Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Lane

Merry Christmas everyone!

We hope you are all having a very merry holiday season!

Poppa Riebow volunteered to work Christmas Lane a few nights this week, so we braved Dover to go see him in action and look at all the cool stuff!

Kaitlyn has started to make odd faces when you tell her to "Smile!" for a picture. Evidence below:

I hopped up into Santa's sleigh just long enough to get a few pics with my baby girl. Zac wanted nothing to do with sitting still or taking pictures. There was way too much to explore!

The big hit of the evening is the mini train they have running. Zachary was jumping in place while waiting to ride, he was so excited.

Zachary also loved the television screens, randomly placed, playing Rudolph. That boy can hone in on a tv no matter where we are!

Kaitlyn liked looking through the over-sized telescope and at all of the Christmas lights through her special twinkle glasses.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Seventh Anniversary in Hogsmead

Today was our 7th anniversary! Woo Hoo!

So, we escaped to Orlando this weekend. It was wonderful... and too short! We stayed at Rosen Shingle Creek near Universal Studios. We highly recommend it! It is a beautiful resort tucked away from all the madness.

We also highly recommend a trip to Islands of Adventure. We had a blast riding the rides, sans children, visiting Hogsmead, eating at the Three Broomsticks and drinking butterbeer. (We tried regular and frozen butterbeer... frozen is best!)