Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Walls and Furniture Will Never Be Safe Again!

Well, it's happened.
I've always known this day would come....
Kaitlyn has realized that crayons not only work in her coloring books, but on the refrigerator too!
She was quite proud of herself.

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Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

Oh the joys that little ones bring to a household! Bryan was joking with his Dad yesterday about a curtain that now has pen stripes down it and one actually went through the material and so it also has tear. We have Sharpie markers, crayon, and pen all over the walls. It makes you smile a little though to know your home is blessed with little adventurers, discovering all sorts of things...

Rachel, this is Amanda Russ, my husband Bryan and I served with Jacob, so don't feel like we are some weird stalkers looking at your cute family ;-).