Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Katie's Top Five No-Nos

Having spent the past 10 days as a stay-at-home dad, I now only speak the following phrases: "No-No"; "get down from there"; "Kaitlyn!"; and "stop that". The following pictures illustrate Katie's top 5 "no-nos":

1. Digging in the kitchen trashcan (reminds me of this childhood classic)

2. Playing in the toilet

3. Taking DVDs off the shelf

4. Eating daddy's flip-flops

5. Grabbing any stray object within reach

In response to our over-active cutie, we have gated the kitchen, closed all bathroom doors, boarded up the DVDs, hidden all the shoes, and stripped every table bare. Hopefully Better Homes and Gardens won't stop by for a photoshoot any time soon.


The Millers... said...

That's so funny! Glad you're enjoying your time home! She is a total cutie!!

Mrs. Blimes said...

i love this post! it reminds me of when i worked in childcare, there were lots of "no-no's" being said there!