Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Brandon Stake Girls Camp

Well, for some reason I deliberately went camping in Florida, during June. That's right, CAMPING! In FLORIDA! During the SUMMER! I was nuts!

I went back for my 9th year of Girls Camp with the Brandon Stake because I was asked to teach a class on the first day and ended up staying for an additional 56 horribly hot hours. For the most part, my clothes were fused to my skin and I couldn't think or talk about anything other than how hot it was! But every now and again, a cool breeze (or a very big fan) would come along and cool things down to make camp enjoyable.

One of the best parts was being reunited with an old friend, Tiffany (Mooso) Glancy. Another was that my mom was a leader, my 12 year old sister was there as well as my soon to be sister-in-law. We were quite the motley crew, and here are some photos to document the occasion.

My sister Bethany at Brandon Stake's 2008 Girls Camp:
"Faith in Christ is the Anchor of My Soul"

Skit Night: It was something to do with Peter Pan, as you can see Bethany was Peter Pan.
Alas, I can't really tell you what the skit was about because they weren't talking very loudly.

the Brandon Ward + the Seffner Ward = BRANNER!

Hello, CPR Certification!