Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Holidays!

This is our favorite time of year in the Crosby household! (We're already listening to Christmas music.) Lets be honest, who doesn't love this time of year besides Scrooge? And even he came around in the end.

One thing we have learned so far this holiday season is to be terrified of the annual "Holiday Portrait" of our children. We only have one child... and the possibility of the Riebow-Crosby genes combining to create a duplicate Tasmanian Devil holds strong in my mind.

But as I mentioned before, we have learned that Kaitlyn will be taking a sabbatical from solo portrait sessions. She is incapable of sitting still for even 2 seconds! Thereby making the entire "Portrait Sitting" session a test of patience for both parent and photographer. A parental unit will have to be in the picture from now on to keep a nice, firm grip on the Katie Belle. The fact that there ended up being any shots of her in focus and not just as a red blur was a miracle. I was pleasantly surprised while Jake was completely dissatisfied.

The one on the top is a classic Kaitlyn kiss/hug with her doggies but is rarely caught on camera.

I thought that the setup for the two on the bottom was a little cheesy, but she thought the entire situation was fascinating and hilarious. In fact, she was the one who started dunking the fake cookies in the fake milk glass! Where did she pick that up?! My previous nights as a Riebow were filled with Chips Ahoys dunked in milk, but as a married lady I rarely indulge in packaged cookies. Kaitlyn's "Riebow Instincts" must have kicked in.

I think they're cute, Jacob just shrugs his shoulders in indifference. Oh well, we'll try again next year.


Barbie and Craig said...

They ARE cute!!! I love that one of her with the great big grin! She is so beautiful!!

Selinda said...

Of course they're the cutest little pictures ever!

Mrs. Blimes said...

awe, i love the one with K and the dog...! she is so sweet!