Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, now that we are leaving town, we have discovered the funnest place for Kaitlyn. She has always been a jumper. Bounce, bounce, bounce on everything she could. Last summer, when she was only 1 my younger sister was visiting and saw a commercial for Zoinks. She thought Kaitlyn would love it, but you have to at least be 2 years old to jump.

So, the other weekend, we decided to try it out. (She'll be 2 in July but she's really tall.) Needless to say, she loved it! Most of the time, all we saw was her back because she was constantly running around from one thing to the next.

Kaitlyn had a strange fondness for this, the Cheesrider. She kept hugging the mouse.

She discovered this style of game last time we were in Brandon and visited a Chuck E. Cheese. She love anything with a ball.

We highly recommend Zoinks, it was only like $5 and you can jump all you want!

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