Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, our life has drastically changed within the past 2 months. At the beginning of April, we decided that Jake was going to make a little career change. Right now he is working for his dad's insurance agency and will probably be starting up another this coming January.

Once we realized that this change was going to be taking place, we knew we were obviously going to be moving from Tallahassee to Tampa. We got out house as fixed up as possible and put it on the market. When we signed with our realtor she informed us that out of the 121 townhomes put on the market since January (in our quadrant of town), 5 of them had sold. However, 10 days after we had placed our property on the market we were under contract. We were shocked and amazed. Not to mention, eternally grateful to our Heavenly Father. Another 3 weeks later, after lots of craziness, we closed on our house without losing our shirts! Thank the Heavens!

So, now we are back near our beloved family. I unpacked the last box and hung the last picture frame this past weekend. Kaitlyn made the change like a champ. She's had no problem being within walking distance of one set of grandparents and a 10 minute drive away from the others. She loves it! And so do we! They are the biggest help!

We miss Tallahassee. But I have to say, I always felt as if we were in a transition there; as if it wasn't quite home. Now I feel at home and I feel more settled. It's lovely!

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