Monday, February 8, 2010

I had totally forgotten.

So, it has been almost 2 months since my last blog. A new born baby, in combination with a two year-old who is determined to get her way, is ridiculously time consuming. Who knew? I keep giving myself hurdles to get to. Such as, when breastfeeding started back up, I started a mantra, "Just 10 days Give it 10 days. Ten days for the searing pain to go down." And it worked! Then it was, "Just 2 months; two months until I can sleep again. Surely, in 2 months Zack will be sleeping solid in his own bassinet." WRONG!

I had totally forgotten everything I had learned with Kaitlyn from the wonderful Ms. Tracy Hogg (who sadly had passed away before I ever even discovered her). Jacob is the one who brought Ms. Hogg into our lives. He is an avid researcher anytime we invest in anything. He grew up in a home where the "Consumer Reports" subscription was regularly renewed, and I am grateful for it. You can imagine, when we found out we were pregnant for the first time, there was a good deal of time in bookstores. Jake found this book one day at Borders, "The Baby Whisperer".

Hogg informed me of a great many things, but the most important was EASY. No, seriously, she titled the cycle of events your child should go through as "E.A.S.Y." She said we shouldn't be rigidly clinging onto a timetable, more a cycle of behavior. E: Eat, A: Activity, S: Sleep, Y: You time. Somehow, I had totally forgotten that from baby #1 to baby #2. I had also forgotten that you have to 'teach' your baby how to sleep in their cribs. I had been randomly placing Zack in his bassinet hoping he would take to it.

Nevertheless, we are now back on track, teaching Zack how to sleep by himself and continually going through the cycle of predictable events of E.A.S.Y. Even though I am still not sleeping as much as I would like, and Zack still hasn't fallen completely in love with his crib (He is sleeping pretty solid from 9p-3a. Then it's anyone's guess when he's going to fall back asleep.), I know we will get there... thanks to Ms. Hogg.

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