Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yesterday I saw this sweet little deal on and decided to take advantage of it. However, the coupon was only redeemable at an Ulta Beauty Shop. "What in the world is an Ulta Beauty Shop?" I thought to myself, and more importantly, "Where can I find one?"

As it turns out, there is one in Regency Square in Brandon, and they are having their Grand Opening. Therefor, when I got my free shampoo, I got a bag of free samples too! A delicious smelling hand lotion, beautiful eye shadow, frizz spray, and a travel size conditioner. They won't let you use 2 coupons at once, or separate your transactions. I went back a second time to get the free conditioner and got a second bag of goodies. Double the glee!

Also, the store itself is awesome! They have everything for every price range. I found my near-to-impossible to find favorite nail polish there, and they have these fabulous little .99 cent bottles perfect for Kaitlyn. They even have some $2 Maybelline Mascara on the checkout counter. Head on over and get some happy!

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