Saturday, November 5, 2011

23rd Annual Ruskin Seafood Festival

Hello Beautiful Fall Florida!
Today was/is an absolutely gorgeous day in the Tampa area. It also happened to be the weekend of the 23rd Annual Ruskin Seafood Festival. Jake and Grammie went last year with the kiddos. So, they were return veterans, and I was a newbie.

The Ruskin Seafood Festival takes place annually in the Ruskin/Apollo Beach area at E.G. Simmons Park. It is open from 10am to 5pm on this Saturday and Sunday. So, if you read this and would like to go, you still have some time. We spent a total of $32 for a family filled morning.

First off, we parked near the playground and the kids ran on over to get in some play before the adults dragged them to the festival. Kaitlyn is still in love with slides, while Zachary prefers the swings.

Katie also tried her hand a rock climbing. She is part spider monkey, so she enjoyed it.

Once you pay your entrance fee, (free for kids, $5 per adult) we hit an alley of craftsmen, artists, and vendors. Grammie and I signed up for a Thirty-One Party on December 1st. If you live near us, be prepared to come and have some fun! Take a peak at their catalog. It is all really cute, personable stuff. Great for Christmas!

While Grammie and Mommy were chatting with the 31 Lady, Katie and Zac led their Daddy to the kiddie area. Katie got to bounce in a bounce house for awhile. She loves jumping! I would think she would affiliate with Tigger more.

Then, after the kids explored the Home Depot "Make a Frame" area, and made their own iced cookies at the Glazer Museum tent, we finally moved onto the main event...

the food!

If you ever see Tony's truck below, do not hesitate to go and get the chowder and seafood basket. It was the most delicious clam chowder I had ever had. Not to mention, the shrimp and the hush puppies were extraordinary! (And I would know, I've had a ridiculous amount of shrimp in my life. It is one of my loves.)

You know how when you start seeing what other people ordered and are eating, and you start regretting your choice? Today, I felt bad for every person who sat next to me who hadn't gotten Tony's chowder and shrimp. Best. Seafood. Ever. Hands down. (And I know that bowl looks tiny next to those shrimp, but it is because the shrimp were huge!) I could eat that meal daily. I could keep going on and on about it, but I won't. It wouldn't be fair to you.

After we ate, (the kids had pretzels, granola bars, and carrots that I had brought from home) Grammie got Katie some homemade ice cream! Kaitlyn lives for ice cream. Recently her Nana took her to McDonalds. When Katie went to play at the "Play Place" she introduced herself to a little girl her age like this, "Hi, I'm Katie! What's your favorite ice cream?"

I assume this is what they use to make their ice cream. See that wooden barrel behind the silver wheel on the left. Is that the where the ice cream is being churned? Or is it just a John Deere generator from 1937? I couldn't decide.

After we left the festival, we hit the playground one more time, and then the beach. Zac didn't dare go in, because then he would be wet. Yucky! He just stood there watching the little waves roll in, while his big sister threw rocks and shell bits back into the "river".

We will definitely be back next year Ruskin! Won't we Zac?


Salinda said...

Love this entry Rach!

Sally-Ann said...

Looks like you had a great time! We have yet to make to the Ruskin Seafood Festival, but think it will be on our list of things to do next year! Love the last photo!!!

Amanda Clayton said...

Looks like tons of fun, Rachel! We just discovered Simmons Park over the summer, thanks to my mom. It was the only time I've ever seen an entire family of (8) raccoons on the beach! haha. I'm glad you posted this so we can check it out next year :)