Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Photos

Yes, I took photography classes while in college. However, my photographic approach has turned completely utilitarian. Photos document moments in our life. So, after nap time on Tuesday, I dragged the kids outside after throwing their Easter outfits on and running combs through their hair. "We are documenting Easter 2012! Smile!"

Heaven help me!
Why is it so difficult to get two children to look at a camera and smile... at the same time?! Sheesh.

This one below is two pictures pasted together.

Thank the heavens for photo editing software.
Easter 2012 has been photographically documented. Check.

P.S. How did I end up with such blondies?!


Melissa said...

So cute! They look great! I'm planning to do ours tomorrow.

Salinda said...

I don't know how you ended up with blondies, but they couldn't be cuter!!!

CKC Conger said...

very cute blondies!

Sac Prada said...
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