Monday, June 18, 2012

Another First

 Today is Kaitlyn's 1st day of VPK... Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. Now, in the State of Florida, they have free VPK to help prepare and assess kids before they enter the public school system. It isn't required, but it is essentially free school and activities for four year-olds. Luckily, since we are doing it during the summer, Kaitlyn is actually participating in a VPK program at the school she will be attending for Kindergarten. Her VPK teacher will not be her teacher for Kindergarten, but she will at least get used to the campus. 

There has been a lot of "Oh look! There is your school Katie!" when we pass by it, and "You'll be starting big girl school soon!", and all that jazz. This morning Kaitlyn was feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. When I asked if she was excited she replied, "And scared." I reassured her that was okay and that I used to get scared on the first day of school too. We finished getting ready and were about to take a picture before walking out the door when Katie asked, "Can I take a baby doll to school?" She used to take one to nap with at preschool. "Sorry, Honey. No baby dolls at big girl school." That was all she could take. I had the camera ready and told her to smile.... she couldn't stop wiping the tears away! Poor thing! No doll?!

First day of Preschool - 8/2011
First day of Preschool - 8/2011

First day of VPK - 6/18/2012
First Day of VPK - 6/18/2012

After the pitiful photo session, we told her she could take a doll in the car with her. That seemed to cheer her up. She was quiet for the five mile drive to Bailey but perked up once we got onto campus. There were other kids going to their classrooms and we found out our cousin Blake was going to be in the same class with Katie! Exciting!

Once in the classroom, Ms. Moyer introduced herself and showed Katie where to put her nap mat. Then Katie found her assigned seat and Blake just happened to be assigned to sit right next to her! Yay! There was a picture of a bird waiting to be colored and cut out and Kaitlyn got right to work and didn't pay me any attention as I told her good bye. What a stinker.

No calls from the school yet, and fingers crossed she has nothing but awesome things to say when the day is over!


CKC Conger said...

Aww! She's so sweet. I think I'm more nervous for Clay to start Kindergarten than he is! So so scary. Can't believe we have kids in Elementary school already. I still feel like I should be in Young Women's!

The Riebow's said...

How exciting! Kaitie is such a sweetheart I bet she had great time and made lots of friends. Xox

texasalarm said...
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