Monday, August 20, 2012

Gwen Cometh

 The Crosbys from New York have come to visit! Yay!

Gwen and Katie are fast friends and do not like do anything with out the other as long as they are within the same vicinity.

 The girls finished a princess puzzle together.
Gwen is a cutie pie!
 Grammie and Papa Crosby rented a beach house for the week, so we headed over to Anna Maria Island on Saturday. Papa even splurged and took us all to Bonefish for he and Grammie's
35th Anniversary! Congratulations to them this Thursday!

I don't think anyone really had lunch that day, with all of the packing and setting up camp at the beach, so we were pretty hungry and inhaled our food. Gwen was especially determined to fit 5-6 penne noodles in her mouth with each bite.

Zac had dinner and a movie. Notice, he propped up Jake's ipod on his sippy cup and watched
"The Incredibles" while chowing down on some french fries.

 After dinner, we hit the Coldstone across the plaza. The girls each had heaping scoopfuls of cotton candy ice cream coated in rainbow sprinkles.

The humidity was not our friend. 

 Uncle Jake's attempts to wipe things up and keep the melting under control were completely fruitless. As we went to leave Jake commented, "I hope they have a hose out here." It was funny because it was true.
Once we got back to the island, we headed to the beach. Zac hitched a ride with his daddy.

The girls grabbed their pails for some sea shell collecting.

 Kaitlyn would happily live at the beach.

Once everyone was back, and in their pajamas, the kids watched a little "Max & Ruby" before hitting the hay. They were pretty happy to have one another to play with and giggle with. They were really sweet.

In true Riebow style, my battery died the first day. It was flashing as soon as we got there because heaven forbid I learn from the mistakes of my forefathers and check camera batteries before leaving for vacation. So, I missed out on a lot of photo opportunities the next couple days. Lame. I especially missed getting pictures of everyone together, and of Uncle Johnny and his sweet new wife Loren. They'll more than likely be gone by the time we get back on Friday afternoon. The kids loved having them around. And we'll look forward to the next time we get to see them.

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