Saturday, April 6, 2013

Katie's First U6 Soccer Game

Today was the first Game Day of the 2013 Plant City Parks and Recreation Soccer Season. 

They always schedule photo day on the first game day. We were almost late last year as well as forgetting Katie's soccer ball for her photo. This year was no different. I guess we are starting a tradition. 

This season, 2013
Last season, 2012

Team Photo time!

After the photos were finished, we headed on over to our field to prep for the game.

There was a big difference between the kids abilities last season and now. 
They were all pretty shy and non-aggressive last season. This season, they were falling all over each other trying to get to the ball. It didn't matter if they were on the same team or not, they wanted to get to the ball! 

Sometimes, kids jumped over fallen players if they were paying attention. Other times, they trampled over them and created a dog pile.

Go, Katie!

Her game face. Intimidating.

One time, Katie did not leap over one of her fallen team mates. She ended up landing on her knees and needing a breather. Her daddy went and checked on her, helped her blow her nose, he's a great dad.

Back on the field she eventually went.

Katie likes to wave to her adoring fans in the stands.

The best part of the game... the snack at the end!


Salinda said...

Awesomeness! Love my little rock star soccer player!

Salinda said...
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