Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yea Art!

I just sent the last of my art students out the door! Woo hoo! I have successfully completed conducting my first art class out of our home! Five weeks, 10 classes and four students later.... I'm feelin' pretty good. In fact, it went so well, I'm going to try to have 3 different classes scheduled for this upcoming fall. Hopefully, there are 15 kids in the city of Tallahassee that are in need of some art education classes because they're home schooled.


Tammy said...

Hey Rachel! I found your blog through Sarah Glancy's blog. Your little girl is so adorable! How has married life been?

Rach said...

Hey Tammy! Married life has been great! I have taken to it very well!:) How about you? How are you enjoying Utah?

Tammy said...

Utah is good! Just trying to get through with school and enjoy married life! I am glad to see that you have taken to marriage so well, I knew you would! ;)