Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Stinkerbelle!

Saturday, July 11th, 2009 marked Kaitlyn's 2nd Birthday!
We started off the morning with waffle cake... that she was completely underwhelmed by and preferred her usually bowl of dry cereal.

She spent the morning at Grammie & Poppa Crosby's where she got her favorite gift of the day... a Cozy Coupe!

Before starting the swimming party at Nana's we dug into some pizza with fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe this event was the final nail in the coffin for that poor white shirt.

After we came back in and dried off, we had cookie cake and Katiecakes!

Kaitlyn couldn't wait for the birthday song to get a taste of some sugary goodness.

Although, she did like everyone singing to her.

She blew out one candle and Poppa Crosby blew out the other.

Surprisingly, Katie preferred the Katiecakes to the cookie cake. She made sure to lick all of the icing off of the cookie, but she ate the cupcake in its entirety.


amaree said...

Congrats little Kaitlyn! Looks like she had a great birthday. She's two days older than my two-year old, who was a Friday the 13th baby! Looking forward to his birthday party this weekend.

How's the pregnancy going?

Rach said...

The pregnancy is going really well. I'm 20 weeks along and just starting to feel Zach move around. I ate a jalapeno last weekend and 10 minutes later he jolted like his never jolted before.

How is yours going Amaree?

Sarah said...

She is so cute!! My nickname was Stinkerbelle when I was little. I actually stopped by your blog today to get your Katiecakes recipe. We made them last year and loved them. My best friends birthday is this Sunday and she requested these as her treat.