Friday, July 10, 2009

Swimming Lessons

For Katie's upcoming birthday, Nana got her swimming lessons! For those of you who follow our blog more closely, I'm sure you've realized Kaitlyn's obsession with water. So, swimming lessons were a necessary evil this summer because we now live 20 yards from a pool that Kaitlyn wants to be in 24/7.

The first day was a little rough. She didn't start out crying, but an older girl next to her (Katie was the youngest in the class) did start out crying and Kaitlyn came to the conclusion that the older girl must have known something she didn't. So, she too, cried for the most part the first day. That is until they started using diving rings.

Kaitlyn became known as the "Ring Master" because she always wanted to hold as many rings as possible. Later in the week, she had to be the one gathering them and throwing them in the pool while waiting for her turn in the water. In the picture below, she is pointing out all of the rings waiting for her on the stairs.

Here, Kaitlyn is lording over them while waiting for her turn.

Here she is kicking and using her "big spoons" to get to the wall. (That little boy sitting on the wall cried every day, all day!)

And, here she is still keeping watch over her rings on the steps. She was so funny about it.

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