Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk or Treat Till You Drop...

from heat exhaustion!

We here in Central Florida suffered a 90 degree day on Halloween this year. I remember many a Halloween from my childhood with my costume sticking to me. Luckily, Kaitlyn is still trying to grasp the concept, so we only hit the Trunk or Treat at our church and skipped the actual Trick or Treating that evening.

Kaitlyn was Dora the Explorer this year, while her Daddy was Swiper! I was a witch who was too hot to even wear her hat. Needless to say, bright Florida sunshine and a parking lot do not make for a lovely comfortable combination.

Besides the heat, our building's wards put on a pretty good event: Hot dogs, chips, popcorn, a cake walk, costume contest, pumpkin contest, games and Trunk or Treating.
The glistening evidence is below:

Katie was most concerned with continually checking up on her haul.

Swiper from behind. I have to say, I nailed the design of that tail, even if I couldn't whip out some gloves.

This was our game... you had to throw the ghosts back into the haunted house. After Katie was done making the rounds, she was the most avid participant. She kept climbing in the back of the car to get the ghosts and tossing them out so that they were rolling all over the parking lot.

Here's Katie checking out all of our melted Kit Kats. Poor candy.

We took Chloe too. Bad idea. It was so hot she was sweltering. Not to mention, she loves people and just wanted to jump up and lick everyone to death. Or once we finally tied her leash to the car, she would whimper anytime she wanted to follow someone who walked away. She is such a drama queen.

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