Sunday, October 23, 2011

And Six Months Later...

We're still alive!

Sheesh, it's been six months since our last blog update. We stink. I blame our out-of-date computers. However, we have since replaced them with a new laptop and should no longer have any other excuse besides laziness.

We had a pretty simple summer. Stuck around the house and painted. Late August brought Preschool for our baby girl! She was pretty excited. First Baptist Learning Center has an outdoor playground that they get to use daily and that is all Kaitlyn cares about. She has actually started making friends and talking about them at home. This is unusual because Katie is an oldest child and has never felt the need to play with or be friends with anyone. As you can see, she is becoming quite the character (and these are the best of her photos from her first morning of Preschool).

Kaitlyn also managed to break her bed at the beginning of the summer. She liked to take flying leaps onto it after going to bed. Her toddler bed just couldn't take it anymore, and one night she came slowly walking up to her Mommy and Daddy while sobbing. "Katie, what is the problem? Why aren't you in bed?" "My bed broke. I can't fix it." Sure enough, the footboard had snapped off of the bed frame. She got to sleep on her mattress on the floor for a couple of months before we got her a bunk bed.

Zachary on the other hand, is still in his crib and is shaking the tar out of it! He has officially entered the terrible-two stage and I occasionally put him in his crib when he is inconsolable. He is pretty good about going to the corner (see below), but to cage him in his crib outside of nap time... no way.

Zac has also discovered tools. He is all boy and loves anything with wheels and tools. He loves to have a job, like his sister, but especially loves when that job involves tools. This of course, led us to introduce him to "Handy Manny" which he and his sister now watch as if they are in some kind of daze... every day. "Man Manny" is what Zac asks for.

More to come next week, after all of the Halloween festivities!


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