Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He Did It!

Jake passed the Florida Bar Exam!


Within a five day period, we went from being completely nauseated at the thought of even having to check his results, to being completely elated at his swearing-in ceremony. It was a beautiful and blessed day! At least for our family it was. I don't think the majority of the people attending the Hillsborough County Courthouse were as happy to be in court as we were that Friday.

Below is a picture of Jake being sworn-in.

He was one of many...

taking his oath before a dozen or so judges.

To celebrate his victory, he used his BarBri study aides as kindling at the next Boy Scout campout.


Wonsch Family said...

Yay congrats to Jacob! I know ya'll must be super excited!

Lianne said...

I happened to pass by your blog and just wanted to say Congratulations! You all should be proud....

Hello. My name is Meshan. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy the next chapter in your lives!

Owen Einarson aka RawLivinGuy said...

Beautiful blog and congrats to your hubby. May you continue doing this blog and now have a more prosperous life. Peace.

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hapi said...

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Desiree said...

Waahooo! That is AWESOME! I can't imagine how relieved and excited you guys feel! I know this is old news, but just the same. Excellent work!! Just to keep you grounded, we'll be sure not to ease up on the lawyer jokes for a while. :)