Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall is Coming!

We decided to spend the first moderately cool and overcast day with a breeze by taking Kaitlyn to a park to play. I some how convinced myself into thinking that there was a play park at Lake Ella. Jacob remembered no such park, but we went. (After all, Lake Ella is very conveniently located near a Dairy Queen and I have B1G1 Blizzard Coupons!) When we arrived, I of course quickly realized what I remembered as a play park, were two climbable trees that usually have kids dripping off of them.

So, we went to attempt to feed what we found to be the laziest and fattest ducks in the world. There were slices of bread and abandoned popcorn everywhere! The ducks at Lake Ella are not going to be starving to death anytime soon.In fact, they're probably more likely to die from consuming more than they can handle.

Besides being able to independently walk around,
Kaitlyn loved the signs near the sidewalks.
She kept veering off to touch them.
How very "Monk" of her.
Kaitlyn liked looking at the water. She loves baths and pools.
I can only imagine what her sneaky little brain was concocting to get into that water. Eeeeh.Then, once Daddy got bored, we went for ice cream. Yum yum!

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Barbie and Craig said...

How sweet! Love tha "monk" comment. She is so adorable. I remember Lake Ella! I used to jog! Memories of tally. *sigh*