Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Play Time @ Winthorp!

Kaitlyn and I have been rather negligent when it comes to socializing with other kids. So, we've decided to turn over a new leaf. Wednesday mornings are officially full of socializing possibilities. The local library has a Baby Time at 10:30a. They sing songs, they dance to the songs, they read books, they read poems.... it's great fun. Now, if I could just get Kaitlyn off of my lap and out there dancing!

Afterward, we meet other moms and kids at Winthorp Park for Playtime. It's a really great park. Kaitlyn had her first experience on a swing and a slide.

I thought she would love to swing and slide because she is such an adrenaline junkie. However, I was proven wrong because her true love at the park is.... MULCH. She loves to pick it up and throw it. She loves to pick it up and let it run through her fingers. What she loves most of all is to pick it up and eat it! Yuck! Out of that whole cool park, with its huge system of bridges, slides, pulleys and levels to climb, my daughter wanted to pop a squat on the ground and play with the dirt. See visual documentation below.

I didn't get pictures of the one thing Kaitlyn loved at the park more than the mulch. This is because I was holding on to her to make sure she wasn't pummeled. Not to mention, the next time we go to the park I'm sure Brady won't be there. Kaitlyn loved Brady. She giggled her highest pitched giggle when she was playing with him. Brady loved to nuzzle Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn loved to nuzzle Brady. That's right, Brady was a dog. Not just any dog, a big, fat, white English Bulldog. Brady was having a picnic with his family when I spotted him tied to a tree. We went to say, "Hi." and I had to tear Kaitlyn away when I was sure we had over stayed our welcome. When we got home and I was cuddling Katie close while she was having her milk before her nap, I realized Kaitlyn smelled like Brady. Yuck.

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Barbie and Craig said...

HAHA! That's pretty funny!! They DO love mulch, don't they?!