Saturday, September 27, 2008

Super Fun Weekend!

This weekend has been so much fun!
Mainly because I've gotten to hang out with my handsome husband and my adorable daughter.

On Friday, we went on a family picnic to Winthorp Park.
We stopped by Publix on the way and picked up some chicken, potato salad, watermelon and cookies! Kaitlyn couldn't stop eating watermelon!

She also couldn't get enough of the slide.
She wanted to go down again and again, squealing in anticipation and then laughing the entire way down.

There were also hilarious static electricity photo opportunities!

When we got home that afternoon, Grammie and Poppa Crosby had driven up from Tampa to stay the week. They brought Jeb, their Black Lab, and Sydney, their Austraillian Sheep Herder, with them. Katie can't get enough of them.

I've also, already decorated for Halloween.
No, it's not October yet! But I've been counting down ever since it became September! I love Halloween! It's so much fun! Who cares that my husband is a grouch who calls it the Devil's Holiday?! I don't! And I'm married to him!

That night, Jake and I got to go out
with some friends to celebrate birthdays!

Happy Birthday Jonathan and Jared!
We went bowling (which we haven't done in years) and then out for ice cream (which we do often). Jacob loves bowling. The man would love to have lanes in his house one day. I on the other hand, am pitiful at the game/sport. We had a great time though, and it was really nice to get out without Katie Belle and socialize with young parents like ourselves.

Saturday morning I got to go to spin class, while Katie dragged her Daddy down to Grammie and Poppa's to play with those doggies! She had seen Grammie walking Jeb and wouldn't stop banging on the door to go "bye-bye" until Jacob agreed to take her.

For lunch, we all went to China First Buffet.
I totally recommend this restaurant if you've never been. It's on the corner of Park Ave. and Capital Circle NE. They have a huge buffet and it is reasonably priced. I'm not usually one to go to a buffet, but I love Chinese and they seem to have good quality food. There is a lot of stuff for kids too: fruits, veggies, pudding, jell-o, french fries, chicken nuggets, soft serve ice cream.

After lunch, we went to Sam's Club to look for a toaster oven for Grammie and Poppa with no luck. However, we did end up with a new addition to our family.... Big Woof. The picture to the left features Kaitlyn holding Mr. Woof. The picture to the right shows Kaitlyn riding Big Woof. A super soft and super sized stuffed dog, the new inanimate love of her life. After all, nothing can replace a real live, jumping, running, licking, barking dog for Katie.


Wonsch Fam said...

Wow, she's flying on that slide! Looks like fun :)

The Pope Family said...

Hey Crosby's! It's the Pope's. We got your blog off of the Glancy's blog. Just wanted to say hi and tell you what a cute little girl you have, but I'm sure you already know that. Hope all is well.
Barry and Kassi Pope