Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mommy & Daddy's Getaway

After Jake completed taking the Bar Exam this past Wednesday, we got to escape on the little getaway he planned to Orlando for the both of us. He got a really good deal on Priceline for the Hyatt Grand Cypress. It was a blissful weekend with no set schedule and no Katie Belle waking me up!

Our room had a fabulous view! Below are a few pictures I took from our balcony.

We were right on top of the Disney property and could see Downtown Disney and Epcot from our window. At night, we could take in the firework displays!

I love getting away with my Baby!

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Barbie and Craig said...

FUN! I am so jealous. I tried to stay the whole time at New Beginnings tonight with my girls (usually I come home early to put Porter to bed) so I left a bottle for Craig to give him and the stinker wouldn't take it. Looks like we won't be getting a night away for a little while! AAAAH!

That comment you left about my brother is hysterical. Can't wait to tell him! (He'd see it himself if he would read my blog, but that's a different story!)