Sunday, March 29, 2009

Springtime Tallahassee

This weekend was the annual Springtime Tallahassee Parade. Both sets of our parents and my 2 sisters drove up from Tampa to join us for the festivities. The past few years we've gone to the outdoor market, but we've never been to the parade. We figured this would be the perfect year to start considering Kaitlyn loves noise and music!

Attendees at the event seemed pretty scarce, probably due to the weather forecast. The rain that hadn't stopped the previous 2 days, let up for just long enough for us to spend a couple hours enjoying ourselves downtown.

Kaitlyn was fairly weighted down with necklaces by the end of the parade.

Grammie & Katie Belle love Kettle Corn!

Everyone indulged in lots of fried food: funnel cake, fried green tomatoes and a bloomin' onion. Mmmmmmm.

There was an awesome cover band playing called, Black Sheep. If the weather had held up, we could have listened to them for most of the day.

We had a really good time and plan on doing it again next year!

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