Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Sunny Spring Saturday

Spring has arrived in Tallahassee! (Well, it's been here, but winter tried to make a comeback and killed off my first azalea blooms!)

Our Camellia bush is hopefully about to explode! Its branches are weighted down with hundreds of buds. The past 3 springs it has been stingy and only lets a few flowers bloom at a time. It's such a scrooge.

Our Azaleas are also on the verge of their own floral explosion.

Today was such a perfect Saturday. If you didn't find yourself outside you should be ashamed. It was 80 degrees with low humidity and a big beautiful sun shining brightly! It got us Crosbys off our derrieres and outside working in our yard. Jake hacked away all of the frost damaged plants while I tried to tidy up our neglected porch so Katie could utilize it.

For the last 3 years we have lived here, we have NEVER used our screened in porch! It's only 7.5ft by 13.5ft, but we can make something of it. So, I swept it out, wiped it down and arranged the furniture that has been gathering dust and dirt out there.

Kaitlyn also got a gift from Nana to put out on the screened porch. After her nap, she got dressed in her bathing suit from Grammie and was introduced to her new toy.... which just happens to be the new love of her life. Hello, water playground!

Obviously, the girl loved it!
Any excuse to play with water and toss it around is right up Kaitlyn's alley.

We've always been told, ever since Katie was born, that she has a very expressive face.

Katie also came home from nursery, a month or so ago, with a cup of dirt and some seeds that she planted in it. Shockingly, green stuff started appearing just a week after we began neglecting it on our window ledge. (I was amazed it survived sacrament and the ride home in the first place.) It has now outgrown its original plastic cup and found a new home in a few different terracotta pots.

After all of the fun in the yard, we went to Lowe's and Home Depot looking for a specific light bulb that has been evading us for the past couple of months and took advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour with some Diet Cherry-Limeade, Onion Rings and a grilled chicken wrap. All-in-all, it was a very productive, fun and beautiful Saturday. A day that makes you love being a Floridian!

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Barbie and Craig said...

Sounds like a great day! Katie looks so cute in her little swimsuit! I was looking forward to an awesome Saturday as well, but instead I got to stay in the house all day in my jammies with a pukey, poopy baby :(